Introduction to Linguistic

1. Nature of Language
o Origin of language
o Animal language
o Language is arbitrary
o Language change
2. Structural Grammar
o Competence and performance
o Deep and surface structure
o Transformational-generative grammar
o Syntax
o Advantages and disadvantages of SG
3. Functional Grammar
o Grammar and meaning
o Form and function
o Theme and Rheme
o Accuracy or acceptability
4. Speech and Writing
o Speech and writing represent different codes
o Features of speech
o Features of writing
o A hybrid form: Netspeak
o Confusion of speech and writing in textbooks
5. Pragmatics
o Semantic and pragmatic meaning
o Meaning and context
o The cooperative principle
o Politeness
o Speech acts
o Breaking of maxims in textbooks
6. Discourse Analysis
o What is discourse?
o Coherence
o Cohesion
o Discourse analysis and language teaching
7. Language Teaching and Learning
o Traditional approach
o Behaviorism
o Communicative approach
o Task-based approach
8. World Englishes
o Varieties of English
o Equal Status of all varieties
9. Computational Linguistics
o Computer and speech
o Computer and writing
o Computer assisted language learning
o Web-based language learning
o Corpus linguistics


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